Free 3-Day Online Training for Conscious Entrepreneurs

Are you tired of all the measures imposed on you which limit your freedom? Do you feel sometimes stuck in your business and life?

Do you want to live a free and fulfilling life while expanding your business? Then join us in this online training and give your manifestation power a Quantum Boost.

You will receive the dates after registration. There is a replay available from the live session.

Roy Martina

Roy Martina is a holistic doctor, serial international entrepreneur, business coach, international speaker and author of 85 books. Roy has 40 years of expertise in holistic medicine, stress and coaching. He has spent the past 9 years researching the Quantum laws and principles applied to business success and health. He helps top entrepreneurs, athletes, speakers and trainers overcome the obstacles in their lives by clearing the way in their subconscious mind. During "Quantum Shift in Business" he gives some directly applicable tips from his most recent book "Expert tips for ultimate habits to unstoppable success" and guides you in the development of a cast-iron success identity that brings the impossible within your reach.

Briony Vanden Bussche

Briony is a visionary, international entrepreneur, trainer and creator of the Quantum Shift method. She is an expert in business and educational innovation and trains entrepreneurs in business expansion and quantum thinking. She founded an innovative primary school in Belgium and was several years director. She launched during the last 12 years various initiatives with events up to 3000 visitors in the field of education and business. She is singer-songwriter, author of 'Unlimited Growth of your company' and multiple children books. She created multiple innovative educational methods where cognitive skills, artistic expression and personal development are integrated in stories and fairy tales.