Webinar 7 keys to redesign your Business & Self for the New Economy (after COVID)

The tsunamiwave of COVID19 and the lockdown has hit many entrepreneurs. Maybe you feel uncertain, even scared about what the future will bring you. At the same time you have this deeper feeling that it also gives space to something new. The dawn is breaking after a heavy night storm.

Yes of course you are allowed to mourn about your losses. At the same time it is the perfect moment to redesign your business & self for the New Economy.

Life will not go back to BC (Before Covid-19)

We are all changed by this shock wave but we can co-create this New Economy.
How would it feel to redesign and develop your business so that is totally aligned with your core talents, your deeper mission and just flows and expands naturally. A business which brings you true abundance and fulfillment.
Are you an entrepreneur who wants to redesign your business and align your business and your life with the Power Quantum Principles?

Then join this webinar.

  • COVID-19 Boost (Expansion) If the COVID-19 has impacted your business positively then that is great. The 7 keys may open your mind even more to see new opportunities, to leverage what you gained into exponential growth
  • Time for a New Economy It is clear that how it was will never return. The world will need time to recover from the shock created by the pandemic, lives have been lost, the business environment has changed. The impact of the fear and the loss of many businesses may linger on for a while and impact how people spend their money. Some of your customers may have been lost forever.
  • Power Quantum Principles Are you an entrepreneur who wants to redesign your business and align your business and your life with the Power Quantum Principles then join this webinar.
  • COVID-19 Bust (Contraction) If the COVID-19 has impacted your business negatively then now is a good time to reflect what you need to change in your businessmodel. The 7 keys will open your mind to see and create new opportunities, to look at creating new sources of income that will be crisis proof.
  • Co-create a New economy We need to co-create a new economy, a new foundation for living and working. And this lies in the hands of entrepreneurs. We need to rethink ourselves and our Business models.
  • Success and fulfillment You will create a solid foundation for success and fulfillment in the new world which is emerging.

During this webinar you will also get inspiring insights about the ‘New Economy’ by the entrepreneurs family Ben Salmi.

All five children as well as the mother Sabrina have their own publishing house, are author and public speaker in the field of personal development and entrepreneurship and are many times featured on tv, radio and newspapers. Lashai, 19yr ol is a YouTuber with 27,700+ subscribers and over 5,100,000+ views. Tray-Sean Ben Salmi is a 15yr old Amazon #1 Best Seller & Award Winning Author, Stock & Shares Trader, Property Mentor & Investor, Award winning Public Speaker and Child Advocate. Yasmine Ben Salmi aka LovePreneur is an 12yr award winning author of The Choice is Your – 10 Keys Principles To Create A Happier Lifestyle and Winner of TruLittle Heros Award – Creative 2017. Paolo Ben Salmi is an award winning author of Pint Size Adventurer – 10 Keys Principles To Get Your KIDS off their iPads & Into The Wild. Amire Ben Salmi aka Mr Because I AM Intelligent is a 7yr old award winning author of Because I AM Intelligent – 365 Affirmations To Brighten Up Your Day. abou

Roy Martina

Roy Martina is a holistic doctor, serial international entrepreneur, business coach, international speaker and author of 85 books. Roy has 40 years of expertise in holistic medicine, stress and coaching. He has spent the past 9 years researching the Quantum laws and principles applied to business success and health. He helps top entrepreneurs, athletes, speakers and trainers overcome the obstacles in their lives by clearing the way in their subconscious mind. During "Quantum Shift in Business" he gives some directly applicable tips from his most recent book "Expert tips for ultimate habits to unstoppable success" and guides you in the development of a cast-iron success identity that brings the impossible within your reach.

Briony Vanden Bussche

Briony is a visionary, international entrepreneur, trainer and creator of the Quantum Shift method. She is an expert in business and educational innovation and trains entrepreneurs in business expansion and quantum thinking. She founded an innovative primary school in Belgium and was several years director. She launched during the last 12 years various initiatives with events up to 3000 visitors in the field of education and business. She is singer-songwriter, author of 'Unlimited Growth of your company' and multiple children books. She created multiple innovative educational methods where cognitive skills, artistic expression and personal development are integrated in stories and fairy tales.