Exclusive life event for pioneers and conscious entrepreneurs

Quantum Future

Become part of the new micro-societies of the future

Date: 28th of August 2022 – 10h till 17h – 10am till 5pm CET (Amsterdam time) 

Where do you want to live during the next lock down and the near future when everything we are used to changes?
Who do you want to collaborate with as the next wave of government restrictions rolls over us?
Which experts & like-minded pioneers do you want to gather around you when there is a scarcity of supply, food and energy?
How do you want to organize your life when import and export problems get bigger and hyperinflation comes?
How do you want to organize education for children as measures in schools increasingly restrict and media encourages virtual life?
In which environment do you want to be if you experience health problems and by whom do you want to be treated?
How do you want to process waste, if oceans are silting up with plastic and the soil quality continues to deteriorate?

Do you feel the calling?

Create your Quantum Future and the communities of the future

Micro-societies are new, self-sufficient eco-villages in which the most recent innovative technologies are anchored at the level of energy, agriculture, housing, architecture, health, education, society…
Holistic education is the heart and driving force behind the development of these micro-societies.

Co-create the new micro-societies and communities of the future and tap into a completely new wave of frequencies: waves of freedom, abundance, creativity, and fulfillment