Exclusive life event for pioneers and conscious entrepreneurs

Deep Quantum Exploration in the Amazon

Upgrade – Redesign yourself for the New Micro-societies of the future

In pristine tropical Suriname

Date: Sat 25th of Feb till Fri 3rd of March 2023

Assuming you want to be part of a tribe that will build its own self-sufficient societies worldwide and embrace the education of generations to come and holistic medicine, then we have a few questions for you:
Where would you like to live in the near future if you really could choose?
Who do you want to collaborate and live with?
Which experts & like-minded pioneers do you want to gather around you within a community?
How do you want to organize your life as self-sufficient living (in food, water and energy) becomes increasingly important?
How do you want to organize education for children, knowing that this determines the future of society?
In which environment do you want to be if you experience health problems and by whom do you want to be treated?
How do you want to process waste, to limit plastic waste in the oceans and improve soil quality?